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Summary API

You can obtain summary information about all our explorers at the following URL :
It returns a short summary of all our explorer. You can also use '24summary' which includes min/max/median for various blocks and transactions for the last 24 hours.

API Calls Root URL for explorers

API shares a normalized root URL which is:
So for instance the url root for Riecoin (ric) will be "".

Query API

Please limit your calls to the Query API to 1 every 10 seconds.

The API function to call is specified through the q parameter.
For instance you can ask the current difficulty of Riecoin with "".

Real-Time Simple Queries

Address Queries

Pass the address in the a parameter.

Block Queries

Block APIs only consider blocks in the "main" chain (as determined by the explorer wallet).

Transaction Queries

Pass the transaction hash in the t parameter.

API Keys

API Keys can be requested for free, when passed to the API (in the key parameter) they lift some restrictions and give access to "live" data with no cache latencies.
API Keys are only used to protect more CPU intensive queries from potential abuse. An API Key is valid for all our explorers.

Undocumented APIs

The various pages of the site use "undocumented" APIs for their own purpose.
You are free to use them (use, not abuse!), but be aware they can change at any time without notice.

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